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Our own guide to Walking and Camping the West Highland Way and other Long Distance Paths!

Our Walk of The West Highland Way & climb of The Carn Mor Dearg Arête with Ben Nevis Summit Camp!

Map of West Highland Way

West Highland Way (95 miles)

An “unsupported” 8-day hike of Scotland’s famous West Highland Way, making use of wild campsites along route. Finishing off with the exhillarating alternative route up Ben Nevis, the Carn Mor Dearg Arête.

Our Early Springtime walk of The Southern Upland Way, Scotlands Coast to Coast Long Distance Path.

Map of the Southern Upland Way

Southern Upland Way (212 miles)

Our journey across Scotland from Coast to Coast on The Southern Upland Way, Scotland’s longest National Long Distance Path. This amazing adventure may have been criticised in the past, but ongoing improvements to the trail make this our favourite of the Scottish long distance paths.

Our Winter Walk of The Great Glen Way, with
the Munros, Meall na Teanga and Sron a’ Choire Ghairbh

Map of the Southern Upland Way

Great Glen Way (73 miles)

We took a walk along The Great Glen Way, Scotland’s newest National Long Distance Path. This beautiful, unspoilt trail, follows the Caledonian Canal from Fort William to Inverness.

3 Responses to “Our own guide to Walking and Camping the West Highland Way and other Long Distance Paths!”

  1. 1

    Hi there!
    Thanks so so much for putting this togther. As an American not yet familiar with the UK and also new to hiking, this is incredibly helpful :)
    best wishes

  2. 2


    Firstly, can I just thank you for your website & great write ups – it’s fantastic to get some real insight into the paths from experienced walkers such as yourselves.

    Myself & a friend have just completed the WHW in 7 days. We did get our bags carried but we took far too much stuff therefore the next walk we plan on doing it unsupported & hopefully wild camping (we’re very low on budget).

    We didn’t have any real problems with blisters or our legs (I found the Devil’s staircase tough but it was short so it wasn’t too bad). Our feet were tired at the end and if we were to go on we would have had to have a day off, but that isn’t a problem because we have no time constraints.

    We were originally thinking about the C2C but now I’m leaning more towards either the Southern Upland Way or the Great Glen Way. I’ve heard that wild camping on the GGW is difficult? We don’t mind cheap camp sites but the WHW was quite expensive (8 each per night) (as I said we’re very low on budget).

    Any advice or alternatives you can give would be fantastic!

  3. 3

    Appreciated the comment about the intrepid Rucksack Readers publications. No -one can follow them eh? As a guy in my office wrote \they need to go on a – how to write a route description course\ !!!


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