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The long journey home

I have a couple of days in Auckland before my very long flight back home, and I put these days to good use, catching up with backpacker friends and buying souvenirs. I find Auckland very busy compared to the rest of New Zealand, and worse this weekend as New Zealand celebrates Labour Day with a [...]

The Blue Baths

I wake up stiff and sore after yesterdays tramping to a glorious sunny day. Not suprisingly, all I can be bothered to do today is visit the Blue Baths. These Victorian baths are famous in Rotorua and occupy a lovely Victorian building in the middle of the Government Gardens. The old fashioned outdoor pool is [...]

The Redwoods

For my last full day in Rotorua, I head to the Redwoods for a full days tramp in the forest. I take the bus there, as I know the walk I want to do is 34km or 8 hours, and I don’t fancy making it any longer. At the Redwoods Visitor Centre, they slightly doubt [...]

Hell’s Gate

I wake up to a heavy rainstorm and consequently decide it’s time for a lie-in and go back to sleep. After a very lazy morning I set about seeing what I can do in the afternoon. A visit to Hell’s Gate seems to be the logical choice. Hell’s Gate is yet another thermal reserve, however [...]

Mitai Maori Village

With time running out, I figure it’s high time I did one of the cultural evenings in Rotorua – there are several. I am ashamed to have not had a traditional Hangi dinner yet – I did have a hangi in Maketu but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t cooked in a hole in the ground, [...]

White Island

Today I set off on a full day trip to White Island, New Zealand’s only marine volcano. Getting there involves a shuttle bus out to Whakatane, followed by a 2 hour boat trip out at sea. I sit outside on the back of the boat for most of the trip, but as the sea gets [...]

New Plymouth

On my way to the bus stop in Palmerston North, I notice the beggars on the street who set themselves on me asking if I can spare some money for a pie! I am so glad to leave this town and gratefully jump on the bus to New Plymouth. I have 48 hours in New [...]

Palmerston North

After a very early morning bus from Wellington, I arrive in Palmerston North, a stop off on the inevitable journey back up to Auckland for my flight home. I’ve not heard anything good about Palmy. In fact John Cleese came here once and described it as a good place to go if you wanted to [...]

Weta Works

Caught the ferry back across to the North Island today, but travelled with a different ferry company to the one I came over with. There are 2 ferry companies, both similarly priced and this time I find that travelling with the Interislander is cheaper. While boarding the ferry, I can’t believe my eyes when I [...]

Baby Seals

Caught the stray bus to Picton today, my last full day on the South Island. On route we stopped on the coast to look at another seal colony, before doing a short walk to a waterfall. The waterfall in itself is not spectacular, however, the pool it flows down into is used by baby seals [...]