Halifax City is built around a natural harbour.

Another long bus ride and I find myself in halifax, the capital of nova scotia. Here it feels like summer with long queues for ice cream and buskers on the street. With a full day in Halifax I waste no time visiting the main sights starting with the Pier 21 museum which talks about the many people who immigrated to Canada by boat over the years. Its all very moving.

I follow this up with a look round the farmers market (and some delicious lunch) before heading to the maritime museum with its excellent displays on the Titanic (It was Halifax which sent out boats to retrieve the dead) and the Halifax explosion.

The entranceway to the Citadel

The Halifax explosion happened during world war one, when a ship loaded with explosives was involved in a collision, before creating the largest explosion ever seen in human history. For the second time in a few years they had to deal with the job of identifying the dead.

In the evening I take a walk round Halifax citadel which offers good views of the city.

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