Arriving in Canada around lunchtime I’m surprised how easy it is to get my visa sorted. I’ve been advised that I’ll need to provide proof of funds and insurance but the guy doesn’t even ask for them. Instead he takes my letter of introduction and passport, fills some stuff out on the computer then staples my visa into my passport. He also warns me not to lose my passport before letting me through.

I turn a corner and find myself in one of Toronto's 4 chinatowns

The trip into Toronto is long but uneventful and I soon find myself at my hostel where I spend a lazy jet-lagged afternoon. Come evening, in an effort to stay awake a little longer I head to the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is free to visit on Wednesday nights. They have quite an interesting selection of different art works, including a lot of Canadian art, but not enough to keep me interested for more than an hour. Maybe one needs to be a bit more awake to fully appreciate the art. I did however greatly enjoy some of the more modern art.

The next day I head into the Work n Holiday office for my orientation where I get set up with my Social Insurance Number, Mobile phone, Hosteling International card and given information on everything from renting apartments to what to include in my CV. They are so thorough with their advice that I start to feel like I’m in over my head!

I find it quite hard to adjust to the city, which has buildings so tall they make me feel like a dwarf. Sometimes you turn a corner and feel like you have been transported to a completely different city as you find yourself in Chinatown, Little Italy or Cabbage town (the Irish quarter). All in all I’m looking forward to properly exploring the sights and multicultural society.

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  1. Glad to see you made it alright, we followed your flight on the web for most of the way. Your P45 has just arrived but you won’t be needing that for a while!!!!
    enjoy your new home – love from MD&C

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