The Bay of Fundy

I set off from the campsite early, hoping to see all the sights of the Bay of Fundy today, starting with a return to Hopewell Rocks to see them at low tide. With a little more time at my disposal (I was in a rush to get to a campsite last night) I explore the park more fully, starting with Daniels Flats (mud flats which seem to go on for miles) and heading down to Demoiselles Beach at the edge of the mud. The walk through the forest offers good views across the forested interior. After I head back to the flowerpot rocks and this time manage to walk on the ocean floor as the tide is out. The tide here varies by as much as 15m between low tide and high tide – the biggest difference in the world!

Heading further round the coast I take a detour round Mary’s point, looking for the bird sanctuary, but somehow miss it and end up on a dirt road leading back to the main road. Further on I take the turnoff to Cape Enrage lighthouse and successfully find it. Here the water just off shore looks enraged as the incoming tide creates rapids as it passes over the rocks. The lighthouse and surrounding area have been developed into an ecotourism location where people can try rock climbing, abseiling or zip-lining. For those just here to see the coast the various paths, stairs and platforms make it easy to explore and offer good views of the fundy coastline. The beach even has a few fossils on it.

Back on the Fundy Trail I pass back into the National Park where I stayed the night last night. I take the opportunity to do a few of the shorter walks and enjoy some of the viewpoints offered. Dickson Falls walk has a spectacular view from the car park, and is a short loop walk to a waterfall. The cool valley is a relief from the hot weather. Shiphaven is another short walk, this time a high up walk with great coastal views. In the area is a covered bridge, something I’ve only really seen in Canada. Further through the park I stop at an amazing viewpoint by the road, before doing Caribou Plain, another short walk, this time through the woods past a couple of lakes.

The fundy trail takes me inland from this point as far as Sussex, where I am able to refuel before heading out to the coast again on the other side of Fundy National Park, to the small town of St Martins. With evening approaching I stop at the campsite to book my place for the night, before heading for an evening drive along the Fundy Trail Parkway.

Words cannot describe just how stunning the coastline along here is. The Fundy Trail Parkway is a road with spectacular views, a bike path and walking trail all formed along this amazing stretch of coast. The evening light gives it that extra special touch. With only a couple of hours I only have time to stop at the viewpoints and do a couple of short walks, one to a flowerpot rock, the other to a waterfall. But I could easily spend the entire day walking this area.  I make it back to the gate just before they close for the night and exhausted head to my campsite.

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