The long journey home

I have a couple of days in Auckland before my very long flight back home, and I put these days to good use, catching up with backpacker friends and buying souvenirs. I find Auckland very busy compared to the rest of New Zealand, and worse this weekend as New Zealand celebrates Labour Day with a long weekend. In town a lot of the streets are cordoned off for a three day world triathlon event. On my second last night a group of us had down to Viaduct Harbour and along the coast to where a piano sits in shelter waiting for passersby to play it. It’s a magical evening of music, with the beautiful vista of the city in the background, the sky tower lit purple and dominating the scene.

The Skycam

All to soon it’s time to catch my flight home, and a fellow backpacker kindly offers me a lift to the airport – at 5.20am! My first flight goes without incident and I arrive at Sydney airport ready for a 6 hour long gap between flights! Just as I get comfy for a bit of shut-eye, I hear my name on the loudspeaker – this has never happened to me before at an airport. I head for the relative desk in a panic, getting a little lost in the huge airport. Turns out my flight has been cancelled! I almost for a minute dare to believe that I’m going to have to stay in Sydney for a bit – you can tell just how eager I am to get back home! Unfortunately they manage to fit me on the next flight which is only one hour behind the original, and on an airbus A380!

I board the flight and find it suprisingly empty. I have a window seat, the seat next to me is empty, and a women sits in the aisle seat. Throughout the flight we are extremely well fed with 4 meals, numerous snacks and constant offers of drinks, and the time dedicated to sleeping is about right for adjusting my body clock back to UK time. Unfortunately we are woken at 4am UK time for Breakfast before arriving slightly late into Heathrow.

After a quick shower I head into London for the last leg of my travels, a train journey back to Edinburgh.

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