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Weta Works


Leaving the South Island behind.

Caught the ferry back across to the North Island today, but travelled with a different ferry company to the one I came over with. There are 2 ferry companies, both similarly priced and this time I find that travelling with the Interislander is cheaper.

While boarding the ferry, I can’t believe my eyes when I see a train driving off the ferry. Turns out this boat has a railway deck as well as a car deck so trains can travel from the North island to the South Island just byfollowing the tracks onto the ferry! Apart from this small but impressive difference, both ferry companies seem to offer an almost identical service.


Gollum at the Weta Works

Arriving back in Wellington, I have an afternoon in the capital to see what I missed the first time round. There’s not much left to see except the Weta Works, a New Zealand based special effects company which helped with a few famous films including Lord of the Rings and Avatar. They have a mini museum showcasing various film props, miniatures and weapons from some of the films they have helped out with. They also show a short film which gives you a guided tour of the studios, the closest you will get to going inside.

I stay at a rather large hostel near the transport hub for convenience, and being on the 5th floor, really notice how windy Wellington is. The whole building seems to sway up here!


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