The Lusaka Hash House Harriers walk through the posher areas of Lusaka

The best way of seeing a country is to have a relative conviently living in that country who is keen to take you round. An even better way of seeing that country is if the said relative is say an artist who requires to travel round a bit as part of their job.

So it was that my brother and I ended up travelling to Zambia for 4 weeks to visit our cousin Quentin, a Zambian artist keen to show us his amazing country.

We arrived early on Saturday morning having had a horrendous nights sleep on the plane over from the UK. Tired, we grab some extra sleep in the morning before being dragged out in the afternoon to join the Lusaka Hash House Harriers for there weekly walk. This was an excellent opportunity to meet some of the locals and see some of the posher areas of Lusaka characterised by the high walls with barbed wire and glass shards on top. Quentin wastes no time naming the local fauna from the purple  jacaranda trees which are not native but very beautiful, to the plant used to make tequila.

Our first sunset

With walk complete we move onto the drinking, and a cask of Mosi beer is pulled out of a car along with a bucket of soft drinks. Mosi seems to be the most popular beer with the locals here, and we are welcomed into the group with an obligatory downing of a cup of mosi.  As the last gathering of the month this is followed by a braai (Zambian name for BBQ).